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The View at Shires’ Garden

Open Monday, July 21st – Friday, July 26th, at 5pm.  Open at 11am beginning Saturday, July 27th, for Sat/Sun Brunch.  

Lunch beginning Monday, July 29th.

Reservations available at the link in the menu bar

Standing high above the city on the 10th floor of the City Club Apartments, at 309 Vine Street; resurrected from the history that has stood here before our time, The View at Shires’ Garden is inspired by the first amusement resort in this part of the country, Shires’ Garden.

Though the original Shires’ Gardens burned to the ground, “in a most picturesque fire,” the legacy that was left behind is everlasting and an integral part of the Queen City’s history.

The creation of the Matinee Performance, the regal guests Shires’ hosted, an unsolved murder and other noteworthy events that took place at the original Shires’ Gardens, are an inspiration to our program that we look forward to sharing with you.  Opening July 19th, 2019!   #EntertainmentForTheMillion